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    58 thoughts on “Contact Us

    1. alexendraviau02 says:

      I received a notification on the 23rd of november saying that the order was delivered but it was no where to be found, I contacted the courrier conmpany Canada Post and they told me that they were not able to deliver it as the adress was incomplete. When reviewing my order, i noticed that the adress I provided was indeed complete so I do not understand why my order was not delivered. It has been now sent back to you so I please demand A full refund of my order. Thank you for your time.
      tracking number:

      • admin says:

        Hi dear,
        Firstly we thank you for your trust and for your purshase, about the refund, we didn’t recive your adresse with Latin caracter.

        • Caleb Oliver says:

          I’ve ordered a product and I still recieve no notification from the website if it left the warehouse. If tried contact on multiple plate forms but haven’t been successful

    2. Kaisa Blank Nordmark says:

      Invoice WC 34812
      Paid for a backpacker and a Simpson mobile case. The BP came but the case was not packed together with it. When Will it be drlivered?

      • admin says:

        Thank you for your message, yes you will recive each item separatly. due a different warehouse placement. Now you must have revice all item as Tracking number mentioned.

    3. Stacy Dominguez says:

      I placed a order on December 10th and a few day after paid for express delivery. When will I get a tracking order number and update

    4. Nico Diakos says:

      My order was confirmed on the 4th of december, the money was booked from my account, but nothing has happened so far.
      I sent 2 emails, but got no response so far. Really annoying !!!!

    5. Mari Rennie says:

      Hello how long should it take to ship to Florida because it has been 2 weeks and I have received nothing. I paid with my MasterCard and I could not track the package and I have no clue how far it is.

      • admin says:

        Hi dear,
        The long time to ship to Florida is betwen 22 to 29, but Due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, delivery time may takes longer than usual 5-7 days. Please consider carefully. Thanks!

    6. Cheryl says:

      Hi there – i want to order the Homer simpson black hoodie that has the No Brain no Pain logo on the front, but i’m not sure what option # to pick? Can you please confirm?

      • admin says:

        Dear Cheryl,
        About your item already confirmed and shipped, plz check your email inbox.
        Thank you for your trust.

      • Carol Corredor says:

        Hello I already check the tracking information it says was delivered in the mailbox since May 23, 2020, I never received it, a comfort which It was the order doesn’t fit in a mailbox, I need to locate my order or get my money back. Please let me know how I can resolve this matter thank you.

    7. Carol Corredor says:

      Hello I have been trying to contact your guys to know the status of my order, since beginning of May was placed. The tracking your guys provided doesn’t gives any accurate information.

      • admin says:

        Hi dear,
        Thank you for contacting us, about your package is still in transit, you can check your mail inbox for the tracking numbers, you will recive your order just in this few next days.
        Thank you

    8. lee kye sung says:

      First, my order number is #50637.
      As you can see, I ordered 3 t-shirts.
      However, the number of T-shirts I received is only one.
      please check.

      • admin says:

        Hi dear,
        About your missed packed is already arrived to your region, plz pickup it from your nearst post service from you. Maybe there is an mistake.. we have already contacting you in your email box. for any more details plz reply us.
        Thank you

    9. leanne.chandler says:

      Order #65474 was placed on January 9, 2021 and is currently Shipped.
      Please can someone help, when am I likely to receive this order, Thanks.

    10. Rebecca Sirois Morin says:

      Hello there,

      I made an order more then 2 months ago. I have received an email saying I have received the order. But I have sent at least 3 emails saying I have not gotten the order yet! I would like to know when and why I have not received it yet !! It is for a gift so I would like to get it as soon as possible !! Thank you and hope to get news quickly.

      • admin says:

        Dear Rebecca,
        Plz check your inbox mail, we have already replayed you.
        Thank you for contacting us. Best regards

    11. CRYSTAL says:


      The order was made almost 2 months already and i still haven’t received the same.
      Please update the status of the same.


    12. Lucio says:

      I would like to return my order because the items I purchased are too small. The order number is #79244. How do I start a return? Thank you.

      • admin says:

        Hi dear,
        Thank you for contacting us, Ple note that the sizes was Asian Size as the chart description montioned, you can contact us on email “[email protected]” to resolve the situation and do a happy buy with you.
        Best Regards.

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